About us

Open Door Rentals & Real Estate offices are located in Auburn and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Open Door was created to give each individual client a great experience the moment they walk through our door. We specialize in everything you need for residential and investment real estate. Our team offers over 40 years of experience in assisting clients with investing, property management, residential rentals, vacation rentals, Section 8/Brightpoint, and buying and selling of real estate. We are dedicated to make your investment dreams a reality! Open Door offers an amazing team with full time Realtors, Property Managers, accounting, and leasing staff in Dekalb and Allen county to assist you in your journey.

You are only one call away from starting an adventure with Open Door, so what are you waiting for? Give one of our talented agents a call today!

Our Goal’s in 2020

Connect and grow with our community

Grow our relationship with investors

Helping buy or rent your forever home

Expand our company with more rentals through out Northeast Indiana

Tammie Coplin

Property Manager, Realtor®, Managing Broker, Owner
(260) 438-1087

Tammie is the proud owner of Open Door Rentals and Real Estate. Tammie bought her first home when she was 19 from her mentor, the late, Scott Uhl. With a real estate driven mind at a young age, she obtained her real estate license in 1998. Working with Uhl Realty for the first couple years then she began adventures of a new Real Estate firm called Castle One Realty. As owner of that for 14 years she then sold the Sub S Corporation and began dabbling in the investment world. With education and strengths in the investment world she entered into another Real Estate Company now called Open Door Rentals and Real Estate. Tammie manages the multi million dollar company that has two locations, one in Auburn and other Fort Wayne. As a Realtor and Property Manager, she has learned to think like an investor does. Acquisitions and Mergers of Companies, creating positive cash flows, Tammie sees her role in the real estate field to educated people with the knowledge she has. Creating an experience and POSITIVE CASH FLOW, one door at a time! She is the mother of 6, grandmother of 4 with another 1 on the way. Her goal is to make the experience of buying investments, holding and then selling a positive experience! Her tag line….”no pressure – no diamonds!”

Lori DePew

Office Manager/Owner
(260) 333-RENT

Lori has been happily married for the last 16 years. She is a mother of three boys, all of which she homeschools. She is advancing her career by pursuing her degree in accounting.

Trina Watson

Property Manager, Realtor®
(260) 573-3978

Real Estate Agent of 8+ years. She is a member of the UPSTAR Board of Realtors. She is a energetic agent, wife and mother! She enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs and dog rescue, and looking for the next deal. She is ready to help you in your next real estate transaction. Buying a first home? Selling your life long home? Looking to invest or just find that little cottage on the lake. Trina can help you in all ways real estate!

Amanda Stewart

Project Coordinator and Adminstrative Assistant

Amanda assists in all areas of the business. Project maintenance, inspections, client care, marketing and such.

Jordan Wildman

Realtor®, Property Manager

My name is Jordan Wildman. I have a massive passion for helping people through the world of Real Estate. Whether you’re looking for a place to call HOME, get your house ACTUALLY SOLD, or use real estate as a powerful wealth-building tool. I have a wide variety of connections and resources to elevate your life through real estate. I live in Fort Wayne with the love of my life and my 2 big dogs! So my question is, what in the world can I do to help you today?

Grace Daniels

Realtor®, Property Manager

Mother of two girls, resident of Auburn. Licensed real estate since 2010. Loves working with people. Enjoys the outdoors and reading

Courtney T

leasing agent

With 20 years of experience in the property management business, Courtney loves making peoples dreams come true. With housing as a major necessity in everyone’s life. Mother of 4 and grandmother of 2. Her beaming smile will welcome you to Open Door. She enjoys riding the motorcycle with her husband of 21 years.

Shawnee Rocker

Leasing Agent
(260) 333-RENT

The newest member of our team, Shawnee is a cheerful team player. With history in property management and her seamless personality she brings a huge asset to our team. She is a mother of 2.

Riley Schaffter

Open Door Boy 1

Riley is a one half of the Open Door Boys. Riley was introduced to his position at Open Door through his teacher from DeKalb High School. With a passion and experience for photography, filming, music, and other creative interests, Open Door’s visual and technical aesthetics are under constant improvement. Riley views his role among the team as an artistic outlet of the personalities and work of the company. As a member of the team, the goal is to support and spread the hard work of the team via our technical marketing and social media.

Carson DePew

Open Door Boy 2

Carson is the other half of the Open Door Boys. He was solicited by Lori and quickly found his spot as a photographer and social media director. He brings a new “vibe” to the office with his creativity and high energy. he sees his role at open door as a way to show the community that Open Door is not just a company but people as well and to support the other team members with anything he can. He’s excited to use his talents in the arts such as music and photography to help open door grow more and more. He’ll be going to school for graphic design and photography and is exicted to see where Open Door will take him.

Shelley Bohler


Shelley has been a resident of Dekalb County for 17 years. Shelley and her husband moved to the area in 2003 from Marion, Indiana, to give their five children better educational opportunities and more potential for growth. Shelley attained her real estate license in 2010. She has a passion for helping people buy and sell homes, which in turn has given her a happy career, being able to celebrate 10 successful years! Shelley now has 6 grandchildren, and considers herself a very blessed, mom and grandma! In her downtime, Shelley enjoys camping, fishing, gardening, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Tiffany Ball

Transaction Coordinator

Tiffany is a life-long native of Auburn, IN. Her and her husband, Josh, are raising their 4 kids here as well! Tiffany and her husband have bought multiple homes and the real estate is industry peeks their interest. They bought their first investment property in 2010 and continued in the real estate industry since. Tiffany is working on obtaining her real estate license and experience of all different sides of the real estate world. Property Management, investing, flipping and such! Her position with the company as a transaction coordinator allows her to learn from others as they grow their portfolio also. She will greet you with a smile every time!